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Dreadslion Hair Treatment is a haircare brand dedicated to assisting all hair type with regrowth, repair and restoring. Dreadslion Hair Treatment and our group understands the need of human care. Through our experience, DreadsLion Hair Treatment has developed exclusive hair care products that have assisted hundreds with regrowing, revitalizing and rejuvenating severely damaged and stagnated hair.

Our products are formulated with organic essential oils and plants that serve as key ingredients. The ingredients in our products address common issues such as growth, breakage, some forms of alopecia, dullness and dryness. We help overcome these issues with our premium products.
We have developed this luxury hair care products for kids, men and women, for every hair type and with active ingredients that instantly deliver visible results.

We beginning started our products in Florida on a living room, and since 2022 have grown exponentially to include hundreds of customers . The brand has built its reputation on delivering exceptional performance on scalp and hair. 

DreadsLion Hair Treatment adopts a care that extends beyond its products: to care for all hair  types and all individual, as well as the world we live in.

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey to healthier, fuller hair.

About Us

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