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Is dreadslion Hair Treatments safe for color hair? 

yes, we recommended the naturel set.

How well does it work for eczema scalp?

It works great on eczema scalp.

Where is it made? 

All of our products are manufactured  in the  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in our home.

Can you use tea tree on color treated hair ?

Yes you can use it .

Hi I’m experiencing hair loss and my hair is dry, and I have dandruff, which one do you recommend for me please?

 From your concerns, we recommend using the whole set, Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil and the pomade. Which is suitable for dry hair and those with dandruff & scalp build up.

Does this  promote  hair growth for someone pattern baldness?

Our Tea Tree and Peppermint Treatment ,  ans other natural plants delivers nutrients to your scalp and hair roots for strengthening purposes. And added Rosemary Extract exfoliates the scalp whilst the strengthening qualities helps reduce hair loss. Our products purely developed promoting hair growth.

It has essential oils in it, Is it bad for sensitive scalp? 

Yes our products has organic essential oils in the ingredients list. Although, they are not known to be an irritating ingredient, we advice you do a patch test before use if you have sensitive scalp.

Will other products work with DreadsLion Hair Treatment?

Yes, there is no problem using our products with different products.

 Can this be used with any type of hair? 

 Yes, you can use this product with any type of hair.


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